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STARVING ARTIST is a thriller suspense drama film that will take place in an expansive home where we follow the experience of an impoverished writer who winds up in an unexpected journey neatly wrapped up into a twisted and mind boggling adventure.In the sprawling halls of this old mansion, we delve into the life of a struggling artist, whose world is about to unravel in an unexpected journey through the twisted corridors of her new home.

Project type: Fiction Feature Film
Project genre: Thriller | Suspense | Drama
Project status: In Development


Despite numerous attempts to find a suitable caregiver for their selective mute son, a wealthy family offers a struggling writer the opportunity to live with them and care for their child in exchange for publishing her manuscript. However, as the writer forms a bond with the boy, she uncovers the family's disturbing secrets, forcing her to confront their manipulative nature and leaving her trapped in their dangerous game with no hope for escape.



ABBY is a talented and determined but struggling artist in her mid-twenties. Despite facing financial hardships, she refuses to compromise her artistic integrity and becomes Fox's caretaker for an opportunity to live the life she always dreamed.


FOX is a precocious eight-year-old who is selectively mute, has a curious mind and a mischievous streak. He's wise beyond his years, often surprising adults with his insights and observations.


NICOLE is the mother of Fox and shares Abby's passion for art and is successful in her career as an artist. She's fiercely loyal and loving towards Fox, but distant towards others.

The Art of Destiny

Prepare to be immersed in a labyrinth of suspense and mystery as one of our protagonists finds herself trapped in the eerie depths of her own intuition. With elements of stealth, horror, and collaboration, she must navigate through the surreal landscapes of her new world, where reality blurs and nightmares come to life.

Whispers of Fate

As she ventures deeper into the families secrets, she discovers that it is more than just a home—it is a gateway to infinite possibilities, each more haunting than her past. Joined by fellow adventurers, she must gather the tools of her trade and confront the spectral entities that lurk within the shadows.From the cobwebbed corners of the house to the farthest reaches of her mind, she embarks on a quest to unlock the secrets of the manuscript and discover the true nature of her destiny.

The Canvas of Destiny

Driven by a relentless curiosity and a thirst for adventure, our hero ventures into uncharted territory, where every twist and turn brings her closer to the truth. Along the way, she encounters allies and adversaries alike, each with their own role to play in the unfolding drama.





The Journey Within

But as the lines between past, present, and future blur, she must confront the ultimate question: is she the master of her fate, or merely a pawn in a cosmic game of chance? With her love for suspense and thrillers guiding her, she navigates the treacherous waters of uncertainty with unwavering determination.

The Writer's Woe

In Starving Artist the line between dreams and reality is blurred, and only by unraveling the mysteries of her own psyche can our hero hope to escape the clutches of madness and find salvation in the light.

Unraveling Fate

The boundaries of reality are shattered, and a new world of possibilities emerges from the darkness. With a bold vision and an open mind, our hero paints a masterpiece unlike any other, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of destiny for generations to come.

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Starving Artist

Believe In Your Dreams

Project type: Fiction Feature Film
Project status: Development
Fundraising: $750,000
Director/Producer: Tian Boothe
Executive Producer: Princess Holder
Consulting Producer: Joanne Butcher
Supervising Producer: Brandon Simpson
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Meet the Filmmakers

Tian Boothe — Director/Producer
Tian Boothe is a Los Angeles based director, writer and producer. She co-founded her multimillion dollar company VSF in 2009 before moving to the United States. In 2012 she studied a Master's Degree at Nova Southeastern University before moving to California in 2015, where she was awarded a scholarship to LACC's Cinema Production Program.
Tian then directed and produced Fall Break which won the top student films award at LACC and won best directing at Pierce AGVS Festival. During which she was mentored by multi award-winning producer Kia Kiso (Mile... Mile & A Half," "America the Beautiful," "Spiritual Liberation"). Her film, Never Look Back was nominated by Culture of Life Film Festival. Tian has won additional scholarships for her writing and directing such as the Louis Snyder Scholarship Award.Her film "Shattered Dream" won multiple awards due to it's superb, dynamic direction and is regarded as one of the most heartfelt and touching films and original songs. The film became the winner of the Rebel Film Festival 2018. Tian can also be seen in the Amazon Prime film "Ain't No Other Way". She produced and directed E.R. Compliance in 2022. Tian's feature documentary screenplay "You Should Never Tell" is a semi-finalist in the 2023 ScreenCraft True Story & Public Domain Competition.

Meet the Filmmakers

Princess Holder - Executive Producer
Princess Holder is an executive film and television producer, who focuses on working with others to make their business grow through strategy and development. She empowers and guides talented and innovative teams on a steady path of success as a private financial adviser. She has an extensive background of over 30 years as a businesswoman and CEO of a companies focused on financial management, distribution and marketing of luxury goods procuring over $200 million dollars in B2B and B2C sales.
Princess was raised in a strict business focused household where she began her career in her father’s multimillion dollar company in 1980, shifting her focus to jewelry and perfumes, which laid the groundwork for her future career in the luxury sector.Her aggressive business strategies earned her high recognition in the Caribbean which changed PVS into a major company and supplier in the luxury industry, overseeing significant growth and expansion into various sectors, including jewelry, watches, and perfumes.Princess then migrated to the United States in 2013 so her two children could pursue their dreams; which leaned her ventures into private financial advising where she gained interest into film financing.

Meet the Filmmakers

Joanne Butcher - Consulting Producer
Joanne Butcher is a Consulting Producer with over 100 independent filmmaker clients. With a wealth of experience in fundraising and distribution, Joanne has a proven track record of facilitating the sale of numerous feature films and participating in the distribution of over 22 features.
She has worked with beginners making their first shorts, to seasoned documentary filmmakers, to multi million dollar projects that attract investors and A list talent while getting international distribution.Joanne worked as a global marketing consultant for YouTube, eventually running their UK movie rental unit and collaborating with engineers and curatorial teams around the world.Joanne has worked extensively with hundreds of filmmakers from the US, UK, Brazil, Cuba, the Caribbean and Latin America. She has been mentored by James Schamus (producer/screenwriter Ang Lee’s The Ice Storm, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon); Ted Hope (producer, In the Bedroom, 21 Grams); Laura Bickford, (producer, Traffic), and Lucy and Luis Carlos Barreto who have made over 200 films in Brazil and produced 2 filmmaker sons who have both been nominated for Oscars.Joanne was the former Director of the Alliance Cinema on Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, IFP/Miami and a founder of IFP/National. She created and spearheaded the Florida Statewide Film Competition that provided $200,000 cash and services to a feature film. She has taught film financing and screenwriting.

Meet the Filmmakers

Brandon Simpson - Supervising Producer
Brandon Simpson is a supervising producer who partakes in the areas of financing and budgeting. His background is in software engineering with strong technical skills in statistics and game theory. In 2024 he raised $1 million through private investors for his co-founded tech startup company which is geared towards artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity services.

Meet the Team

Tian Boothe is a Los Angeles based Director/Writer known for her superb, dynamic direction, heartfelt and touching films with original songs.Princess Holder is an Executive Film and Television Producer, who focuses on working with others to make their business grow through strategy and development.Joanne Butcher is a Consulting Producer whose clientele focuses on independent filmmakers and writers with proven track record of sales and distribution of independent feature films.Brandon Simpson is a Supervising Producer who partakes in the areas of financing and budgeting. His background is in software engineering with strong technical skills in statistics and game theory.We're wholeheartedly committed to cultivating a diverse team of artists and creators, and we're excited to champion local talent and fortify America's film development industry.Thank you for taking the time to learn about us.Cheers,

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FUNDING GOAL: $750,000

STARVING ARTIST is a low budget feature film and has just a few locations. This will work greatly to our advantage, allowing us to produce a rich and textured work of quality – reflected in cinematography, music and production design – on a budget.

starving artist visual movie reference

An intriguing film full of rich characters and emotion.STARVING ARTIST will explore the theme of the unspoken truth of difficult choices in our modern-day world.The camera will almost feel as if it is surreal, with a deep and steady watch of our characters, noting the small details while building upon the important facts – moving toward the climax where we grasped the sudden climax and emotional depth.STARVING ARTIST will remain in your thoughts throughout each passing day, never to leave.






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All of the Silver Tier rewards from $50 and above include the digital download, sneak peak, director's commentary, and access to behind the scenes footage (the $5 $10 $20 $30 pledge).
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The Director 'Tian Boothe' is a sponsored artist with The Performance Zone Inc (dba The Field), a not-for-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization serving the performing arts community. Contributions to The Field earmarked for Tian Boothe are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
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It's going take some time to finish the movie and we haven't cleared out all details. We cannot promise but we really want subtitles available in at least Swedish, English (CC), Spanish, French and German. Internet is really good at translating too!
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Each reward has an estimated delivery month listed in description. You will be notified of any delays.
For backers going to play a character in the movie, do we know when and where the filming will take place?
We are planning to shoot during summer 2024 in the USA. Directly after the financing has been completed we are going to contact you who have pledged and tell you which dates are set and which city/state we are filming your scene. Additionally we want to make clear to everyone contributing to be any character that you will be required to sign a waiver to be a character in the movie. That sounds weird, but we have to follow the law and do it for insurance purposes and to even be legally allowed to show it anywhere. We couldn't put you in it if you don't sign off! You'll get these forms the day you visit the set.
Where will the red carpet premiere be held?
In Los Angeles, California.
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